Profitability is the main focus of our program. We develop our cattle to perform well and to maintain themselves in the harsh conditions our area can provide. We have been performance testing our cattle for over 30 years. Artificial insemination is used as a means to provide the best genetic advantage possible and we look for new herd sires to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.  

Traits that we breed for and believe to be most important, and yet very basic, are disposition, feet, udder structure, longevity, and conformation. We try to develop cattle with a balance of traits and not to breed extremes in any area. Our herd consists of 350 registered cows.  

The 60 day calving season begins around March 1. Cow–calf pairs graze most of the summer on native grass pasture that we have developed into cell grazing systems. Our calves are not creep fed or implanted and rely entirely on mother’s milk. We wean around October 1. We believe in developing our bulls gradually and do not feed them for maximum rate of gain as this can affect the longevity and performance of the bulls for our customers.

The bulls receive a breeding soundness exam and are fully guaranteed. We do a carcass scan  to provide as much information as we can to
help our customers purchase a bull that meets their needs. We also believe it is important to keep in contact with our customers so that
we may better serve their needs or discuss concerns they may have.

We host a production sale at our ranch each year in mid February.
We welcome visitors any time throughout the year.