About Us

Family owned and operated, Barenthsen-Bullinger Red Angus is a partnership between Mark and Kathy Barenthsen, and son-in-law and daughter, Jeremy and Jessica Bullinger. We are fourth and fifth generation ranchers operating on our family’s original homestead on the rolling plains of northwestern North Dakota.

Mark and Kathy began a commercial cattle business in 1976. With the help of four daughters; Jessica, Emily, Kayla and Aleah, we were able to expand the ranch and also focus on good stewardship of our land and cattle.

In 1993 we purchased our first registered Red Angus females. After using Red Angus with much success in our commercial cross-breeding program, we gained respect for the breed and the maternal and performance traits that were added to our herd.

Our operation expanded in 2003, as daughter Jessica and her husband, Jeremy Bullinger, joined the business and are now full-time partners in the ranch. Their involvement also contributes to sixth generation ranchers, son Jaden and daughters Avah and Adalyn.

Profitability is our main focus; within our own program, and also in our customers’ operations. Our cow herd consists of approximately 350 Registered Red Angus Females. North Dakota’s environment can be harsh, and we are attentive to develop cattle that perform well and maintain themselves without pampering. Disposition, feet, udder structure, longevity, and conformation, are top priorities in our breeding program. While epd’s play a vital role in our genetic selection, phenotype and conformation are considered of the utmost importance.

Our 60-day calving season begins around March 1. Cow–calf pairs graze most of the summer on native grass pasture that we have developed into cell grazing systems. Our calves are not creep fed or implanted; relying entirely on mother’s milk. Calves are weaned around October 1. We believe in a common-sense feeding program and develop our bulls gradually to enhance their longevity and performance in our customers’ operations. Our annual production sale is held at the ranch near Powers Lake, ND the third Wednesday of February.

Part of our operation consists of farm land, used for growing cash crops such as spring wheat, durum wheat, peas, and canola. A portion of our ground is used to raise alfalfa/mixed forage, barley hay, and corn silage for feed within our own cattle operation.

The friendships we’ve made in the cattle business over the past 40+ years are one of the great delights of this occupation. We value our customers and are committed to providing them with outstanding genetics and customer service. We welcome you to stop in for a visit and view the cowherd anytime!

Meet The Families

The Barenthsens

Mark and Kathy

The Bullingers

Jeremy, Jessica, Jaden, Avah and Adalyn